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Our Testimonies

Hear How Lives Have Changed

  • First time going, felt so blessed from when the doors opened to the greeters welcoming me and as I passed through other greeters shaking my hand, asking my name and welcoming me with open hearts I felt this is the church I will belong to, thank you God!

    Cindy B.

    San Antonio, Tx
  • I love this church . They are so welcoming and loving. If you want to be a member of a church that is like a family and cares this is the church to go to. I showed up 7 years ago as a visitor and have been a member ever since !!

    B. Salazar

  • Great experience I love this church. The congregation is warm and welcoming. The Pastors’ preach the true gospel, I love this church and blessed to be a part of it.

    Rosalinda A.

  • A blessed church that stands with Israel!

    Catherine H.

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  • SUNDAY: 9:30AM & 11AM

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